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A campaign focused on the simple acts of kindness that can change the world. 



Acts of Kindness

About the Race to 1 Million Acts of Kindness

After the Race to 500 Toys, the Race to 100,000 Meals, and the Race to 500,000 Books, we were inspired to start a new initiative that could change the world, one kind act at a time. The vision for this race is that anyone willing to share kindness with others can participate. 


But how does one determine what constitutes a "kind act"? The truth is,  kindness can be shared in an infinite number of ways, and that's what makes this race special: each participant can choose their definition of kindness and how they wish to change the world. 

Did you tell someone you are grateful for them? Help someone cross the street? Volunteer your time for a non-profit? Start a donation drive to help others in your community? Send a nice note to someone? Smile at a stranger? Whatever your kind act was, please share it below. It just might be that spark that inspires someone else to change the kind act at a time. 

Need a little kindness inspiration? Check out kind acts from the
Race to 1 Million Acts below:

 Race to 1 Million Acts of Kindness
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Thank you for joining the Race to 1 Million Acts of Kindness. Together we can change the World with Kindness.

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