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"Race to 100,000 Meals" with Tango Tab

RACE FINISHED-11/28/2020

Race Starts 10/10/20-11/25/20

Join me in the "Race to 100,000 meals" to help people that are food insecure. With your support, we can help someone have another day without hunger. 

We will have drop-off locations all over the country available for you to drop off your prepared meals. Don't see one in your area, let us know and we can help you set one up! 

FINAL RACE UPDATE- 12/1/2021- In partnership with Tango Tab, we were able to collect at least 100,954 meals to help feed those in need. A big "THANK YOU" goes out to all of people around the world who either dropped off meals or sent financial donations to help purchase meals. We also thank corporations like Chobani, Central Market, Amazon/Whole Foods/Kendra Scott and Ford for their significant contributions in helping to ensure at least 100,000 people could be fed. 

If you would like to view pictures and videos from the event, please click the button below.

"Race to Kindness" for Children's Health Hospital


Join me in the "Race to 500 Toys" for Children's Health Hospital.

With your support, we can help bring smiles to these amazing children and their families.

RACE STARTS- 8/1-8/31/2020


Thank you to all that supported this "Race to Kindness" event. We are happy to report that we collected 619 toys for Children's Health Hospital!! WE CROSSED THE FINISH LINE BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT!  

To see pictures and videos from the event, please click the button below.

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