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alli seghers

Encouraging words and praying for others

We emailed a sign up genius to our school parents so they could write encouraging notes and send audio prayer messages to our teachers and administrators just to lift them up a little bit They deal with so many challenges and area underpaid for sure and often unnoticed for all they do physically, emotionally, and spiritually for our students and school community. We also go around the parking lot and put scripture cards on driver side windows. These small acts of kindness make people feel seen, noticed, loved, supported, and encouraged. We had one student tell a teacher"there's lots of prayer going on around here"! Love that she noticed it and sees the blessing on prayer and support like that!

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Debbie Myers and Her Reader-Writer-Thinkers

Being Kind at School

Those who were on the receiving end of the kind acts were made to feel special, and that’s awesome!

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Debbie Myers and Her Reader-Writer-Thinkers

Reader-Writer-Thinkers Acts of Kindness

Here's a sampling of the acts of kindness that were performed on 4/15 -

- "I walked with a friend because she was lonely."
- "I held the door open for someone."
- "I gave my friend my snack because they were extra hungry."
- "I gave two people pencils because they needed them."
- "I helped the teacher with technology."
- "I thank the bus driver this morning."

All of these acts helped others feel seen and supported - and that's awesome!

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Raquel D'Garay-Juncal

NGO event photos

In the absence of a photographer, I stepped in and took some pictures.

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Supervise a cancer center in Atlanta Ga.

Even though they are going through a hard time in their lives, it doesn’t have to be grim or dismal. I laugh and cry with them from their first treatment until the last. It really hit home about 12 years ago when I had to treat my mother. I make sure my patients are comfortable and safe while receiving radiation treatments for various cancers. The love runs deep

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Donald DeCarlo

Got Your Back

It made a person feel good that there was someone there to help her.

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Brandon Spinazzola

Serving the homeless

- Provides food and other needs of life for those that need help.

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Michael Polydoroff


I volunteered at the Tarrant Area Food Bank writing encouraging letters on card stock.

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Debbie Myers and her Literacy Leaders

Sharing Our Love of Reading, Thinking, and Writing

Learning to love reading, thinking, and writing is transformative. These 6th grade Literacy Leaders are working hard to help younger students on campus develop that love and that will forevermore change their lives for the positive.

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Patrick Hardeman

Car parked with lights on

Preventing the car owner from running out of battery.

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Orion Jean

Volunteering at Food Bank

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Jacqueline Marcello

Feeling Better Emotionally

Emotionally it made the people feel really good. It also showed respect to an Police Officer

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